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Smidgin is a small-batch craft gin conceived by two gin enthusiasts looking for the perfect gin. Experimenting with fresh foraged juniper berries they discovered that the flavor quality of fresh berries creates a unique taste experience.

The highest quality juniper berries in the world can be found on the mountain slopes of North Macedonia and these berries are sought after by gin makers all over the world.

Where better to make the perfect gin, but in the land that produces the best juniper berries?  Growing high in the mountains, juniper bushes produce berries only once every three years. This makes juniper difficult to collect and almost impossible to obtain as fresh berries. Unless, of course, you make the gin right next to the berries.

? Is winner in the traditional gin category of up to 42% and
? Is geographic highest scorer from all entrants in Mainland Europe!

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1 review for Smidgin 0.7L

  1. David Borg

    Award winning and no wonder why! Very underrated for the amount of craftsmen ship and crisp taste that this gin reflects. Amazing!

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